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Bridge, a subsidiary of Wuxi Bridge Education Investment Co., Ltd., is an education company founded by senior people in the education industry, capital field and Internet field. Under the strategic plan of "internal integration of resources, strong alliance and external extension", Bridge has laid out the education industry in an all-round way. Bridge is an international comprehensive education service provider which integrates investment in education industry, research and development of education products, training services and studying abroad. Since its foundation, Bridge has cooperated with more than 400 enterprises and schools in China, gathered a group of top teachers and managerial talents at domestic and abroad, and established a modern education management mechanism and diversified teacher training mechanism. Based on the Yangtze River Delta and facing the whole country, Bridge is committed to becoming the most outstanding international education service provider in China, gathering and training high-quality teachers at domestic and abroad, providing suitable platforms and conditions for students to develop in an all-round way, and teaching students in accordance with their aptitude in order to stimulate the talent and potential of each student.
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