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Authorized by the Education Department of Hunan Province, Changjun International Department was established in 2010. The International Department is the first AP Center in Hunan authorized by the American College Board. Changjun has been committing to introducing high-quality overseas education resources to promote the improvement of the Chinese high-school teaching system, geared to international standards, and nurturing globally inter-disciplinary, innovative, high-competitive patriotic talents with international vision and excellent leadership.
Changjun High School International Department, based on the 100-year old Changjun High School, aims to forge an international education brand through all over China by introducing quality education resources from America. The International Department offers a 3-year fulltime high school course of study, helping the students to lay a solid foundation for their study through bilingual teaching and integrating IBDP、AP and SAT courses into curricular system of China.
The 150-care department, funded by Changsha Municipality (with over 300 million RMB),is located on the new campus of Changjun High School, with the first class teaching resources and school facilities and security management. The school inherits and adheres to the Changjun Principle of “Sincere, Honest, Calm, Persevering!” and aims to cultivate inter-disciplinary, innovative and highly competitive national talents with international vision and excellent leadership.
Since its establishment in 2010, the International Department has successfully nurtured eight sessions of outstanding graduates and cultivated more than 600 excellent international talents for our country. 99% of students are admitted into the top 100 universities of the United States, and nearly 70% of students enter the top 50. The classes were reputed as“the Marvelous Class for Studying Abroad”.
Students of our International Department have been admitted into Brown University, University of Chicago, Cornell University, Vanderbilt University, Middlebury College, Imperial College London, McGill University, University of Toronto,Lausanne Hotel Management School and numerous other top universities in the world.
In the 2015 Sina Hunan International Education Ceremony held on January 9, 2016, in Changsha, Changjun High School International Department was rated“2015 Hunan Reliable International School”, the only international school that has received this honor in Hunan Province!
Though still young, the International Department has made remarkable achievements. Changjun High School International Department aims at building an international education brand of high quality, being first-rate in Hunan, taking the lead domestically and being well-known internationally. We are looking forward to more excellent students’ joining and we will create a brilliant future together.
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