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Shenzhen Primary School English Teacherin
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Job TypeFull time
Job CategoryPrimary Teacher
Job Available2
Work ExperienceNo Limit
AgeNo Limit
DepartmentNo limit
Contact Person:Mingbo
Phone:School set it as private。
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1. Primary School in Shenzhen
2. Position: English language teacher
3. Location: Guangming new district of Shenzhen city
4. Salary: Maximum 20K before tax (about 18K after tax)
5. Free accommodation + meals
6. 8000RMB flight allowance after one year contract
7. 1 month winter vacation(No pay + Free accommodation)
8. 2 month summer vacation(8000RMB monthly salary + Free accommodation)

Foreign teachers’s job description:
(1) From Monday to Friday Foreign teachers shall complete 22-24 periods of English classes per week, 40 minutes per class, and to submit the following week’s teaching plans to the director who is in charge of the English teaching every Friday ahead.
(2) Foreign teachers shall use English to communicate with teachers, students and parents in the school.
(3) Foreign teachers shall participate in the activities of the school and supervise teachers and students for the English contests and English performance in the monthly themed English shows.
(4) Foreign teachers shall arrange oral tests for students in the mid-term and at the end of the term, and to complete the English evaluation forms for the students.
(5) Foreign teachers shall summarize his work performance throughout the term and accept the school’s evaluation at the end of the term.
(6) Foreign teachers shall obey the arrangement of the school and the education group to
participate in the events on the weekends or in the evenings of workday three times over the term without pay.
(7) Foreign teachers shall participate in the activities of preparing for lessons and teaching research twice a week, it will take one hour each time.
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