IBDP Physics/Economics / Visual arts teachers
Changjun International Department
Basic Information
Job TypeFull time
DepartmentNo Limit
Degree RequiredMaster
Work ExperienceNo Limit
Age Limitation不限
Work Location湖南省长沙市岳麓区茶子山中路(Hunan/Changsha city)
Contact Ways
Contact Person:CHEN YI  ( Please mentionTESL China:Teach in Chinawhen you contact me! )
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Job Description
School: Changjun High School International Department http://changjunap.xhd.cn/
Job location: No.328, Chazi Shan road, Yuelu District, Changsha city, Hunan province, China

We need:
IBDP Physics
IBDP Economics
IBDP Visual arts

Job Responsibilities:
 Responsible for teaching IBDP subjects;
 To develop lesson plans based on the students’ capabilities and the curriculum, and using ATL and ATT in teaching;
 Continuously investigate students' learning achievements to improve the teaching process;
 To complete teaching tasks according to school requirements;
 Responsible with CAS , IA and EE;
 To obey the superior leadership arrangement and to complete the relevant tasks.

Job Requirements:
 Bachelor degree or above in related field.
 At least 2 years of IB teaching experience, and used to be the IA ,CAS and EE supervisor.

1. IBDP Physics
 study IBO released guide and other official documents & resources in physics
 Complete teaching assignment, make necessary adjustments
 Compile exam papers when required
 Work with lab assistant to carry out / design lab
 Help students with their pre/post lab report
 Grade homework
 Supervise IA/EE/Group 4 project
 Research continuously to improve teaching skills & understanding of the subject

2. IBDP Economics
 Be responsible for implementing the courses, assessment and reporting process;
 Fluency in English.Native English speaker preferred
 IB Certified teachers are strongly preferred
 Being self-motivated, responsible and has passion in education
 Working with other members of the school staff and parents/guardians to ensure the best interest of students

3. IBDP Visual arts
 Study IBO released guide and other official documents & resources;
 Implement the courses, assessment and reporting process;
 Supervise students' art portfolio and exhibition;
 Research continuously to improve teaching skills & understanding of the subject
 Work with other members of the school staff and parents/guardians to ensure the best interest of students.

You also have to:
 working in our school no later than September;
 do the morning or evening duty once a week;
 working 40 hours/week in the first year and 30 hours/week after your first year;
 be the CAS, IA and EE supervisor.
We Provide You with:
 year-end bonus + paid annual leave;
 One-to-one training + professional skills training ( IB workshop training) ;
 Staff traveling + staff gathering + irregular activities + development training;
 School cultural activities, relaxed and harmonious working atmosphere;
 National statutory holidays;
 Promising development prospects and generous treatment.

About the school
Changjun High School International Department, based on the 100-year old Changjun High School, aims to forge an international education brand through all over China by introducing quality education resources from America. The International Department offers a 3-year fulltime high school course of study, helping the students to lay a solid foundation for their study through bilingual teaching and integrating IBDP、AP and SAT courses into curricular system of China.
The 150-care department, funded by Changsha Municipality (with over 300 million RMB),is located on the new campus of Changjun High School, with the first class teaching resources and school facilities and security management. The school inherits and adheres to the Changjun Principle of “Sincere, Honest, Calm, Persevering!” and aims to cultivate inter-disciplinary, innovative and highly competitive national talents with international vision and excellent leadership.
Since its establishment in 2010, the International Department has successfully nurtured eight sessions of outstanding graduates and cultivated more than 600 excellent international talents for our country. 99% of students are admitted into the top 100 universities of the United States, and nearly 70% of students enter the top 50. The classes were reputed as“the Marvelous Class for Studying Abroad”.
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