Update Time:2019-04-29
Sharon Condon
Wom| 58Years Old| PHD| >10 yearsWork Experience |Unmar
Live at:Australia
Job Intend
Expect Position:University,IB Teacher,AP Teacher,University
Expect Category:Training Center,International School,University
Expect Salary:20K more/M|Want to work at Dongcheng,Xicheng,Haidian
Hunting Status:Within 3 months
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Self Description
I am currently working at PHBS, Peking University in Shenzhen until the end of June this year, and am looking for another job. I have been teaching academic writing at PHBS for three years and prior to that, at Huizhou City College for a year. I have three teaching qualifications, a PhD and hold teachers registration in Australia.
Education Background
1998-2 至 2002-11
Bachelor|Griffith University|Business
2003-2 至 2008-11
PHD|Griffith University|Work/Life Balance and Wellbeing
Work Experience
2016-7 至今
Senior Lecturer|PHBS, Peking University
工作职责:Designed, researched, resourced courses in Academic Writing and Communication in a Global World. Implemented English Corner and Games Night on weekly basis.
2015-6 至 2016-6
Lecturer|Huizhou City College/Victoria University
工作职责:Taught writing, reading, speaking and listening skills to business and accounting students at College level. Inaugural teaching program so involved with setting up the program and liaising between country manager and local school director and teaching staff.
2003-2 - 2004-11
Grad. Cert. Tertiary Education|Griffith University
Training content:Professional teaching qualification required by Australian universities to teach in Australia.
2010-2 - 2011-11
Grad. Cert in Business|University of Tasmania
Training content:Graduate Certificate in Business from the Institute of Regional Development.
2007-3 - 2007-11
TEFL Certificate|TEFL International, Thailand
Training content:Teaching English as a Foreign Language Certificate
2007-2 - 2008-11
Certificate IV in Training and Assessment|YWCA
Training content:How to teach and assess.
2016-1 - 2016-2
Grammar and Punctuation|University of California
Training content:Online course.
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2015-1Teachers Registration
Language ability
EnglishNative Language
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