Update Time:2020-05-19
Wom| 26Years Old| Bachelor| 1-3 yearsWork Experience |Height 175CM |Unmar
Live at:Xianning
Job Intend
Expect Position:Primary Teacher,Kindergarten Teacher
Expect Category:Training Center,Kindergarten,Primary School
Expect Salary:10K~12K/M|Want to work at Other
Hunting Status:negotiate
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Self Description
My name is Monalisa. I am a highly competent, motivated and young enthusiastic teacher who strongly believes in working hard. I am guided by four major principles which are: proficiency in multi-tasking, workload prioritization, organization and presentation. Some of my positive attributes include the proven ability to adapt to any given situation and the ability to generate innovative ideas.
Education Background
2012-8 至 2015-7
Bachelor|University of Zimbabwe|Political Science
Work Experience
2018-3 至今
English Teacher|Xianning Primary School
工作职责:Teaching oral English. Creating lesson plans, power point presentations and games used for teaching that ensure effective communication between the teacher and the students. Creating an atmosphere that encourages students to speak confidently and promote an effective reading culture.
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2017-9120-hour TEFL Certificate
Language ability