Update Time:2019-11-28
Man| 31Years Old| Bachelor| 1-3 yearsWork Experience |Height 179CM |Marri |Arts
Live at:Philippines
Job Intend
Expect Position:High School,Primary School,High School,Middle School,Primary Teacher
Expect Category:Primary School,Middle School,High School
Expect Salary:7K~10K/M|Want to work at Other
Hunting Status:ASAP
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Self Description
I am Mounir Charki. I am f Morocco. I have been living in Morocco for 28 years and recently I moved to the Philippines. I graduated from the University of Hassan II with the degree of Bachelor of Arts in English Literature and Linguistics. The nature of my training has prepared me for the position I am interested to apply. I believe that it will allow me utilize my skills effectively. My days in the university involved a great deal of independent research, requiring initiatives, self motivation, team work and a wide range of interpersonal and intrapersonal skills. I am a very enthusiastic person with a keen eye for details and I am grateful for the English courses and the teacher training I have been through during my Academic career.
Education Background
2009-9 至 2013-6
Bachelor|College of Arts and Humanities|English Literature and Linguistics
2013-9 至 2014-7
Bachelor|Mohammed V University Rabat|Teaching English as a Foreign Language
Work Experience
2019-9 至今
English teacher|Preply Online Teaching
工作职责:Teaching English online to non native speakers of English.
2018-4 至今
English to Arabic translator|Fairlingo
工作职责:Doing translation work from English to Arabic and vice versa. Emails translation, documents translation and articles translation.
2018-9 至今
English to Arabic Translator|Universal Translation Services
工作职责:Doing translation work from English to Arabic and vice versa
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2019-7TESDA Certificate
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