Update Time:2020-01-16
Wom| 27Years Old| Bachelor| 1-3 yearsWork Experience |Height 165CM |Unmar |Management
Live at:hangzhou
Nationality:South Africa
Job Intend
Expect Position:Kindergarten Teacher
Expect Category:Training Center
Expect Salary:15K~18K/M|Want to work at Xihu,Binjiang,Yuhang
Hunting Status:ASAP
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Self Description
Hello everyone, My name's Becky and I'm 26 years old. Moreover, i was born in South Africa because my mother is a South African and my dad a Nigerian so I'm from South Africa. I love kids alot and that's why i choose teaching job as a hobby because it gives me the opportunity to show love and care to kids.
Education Background
2010-10 至 2015-8
Bachelor|Faith Mission Academy|Economics and Trade
Work Experience
2016-8 至今
English teacher|Richard English international
工作职责:As a dynamic and motivated teacher with experience in teaching and instructing student in English language arts, including writing, reading comprehension, speaking, listening and understanding. I have a strong interest in being involved and promoting inclusive education. I have 3 years teaching experience. My skills is to provide good communicator, Making of lesson plans and teaching kids with a positive mind and attitude. I'm passionate and energetic which i use to maintained discipline in the class. My teaching skills is to create a vibrant teaching atmosphere which worked accordance with school policy. I have gone to different kinds of teacher's training in hefei, Shaoxing and Shanghai too which i used the knowledge to improve in usability of English language arts. My hobbies are: Reading, singing, dancing and photography. Finally, my personality are: optimistic, patient, creative, Exactitude and communicative with my fellow teachers.
2018-6 - 2019-9
English Talky Talky/Midisaurus|Hefei, Shanghai
Training content:I've been to 3 different cities in china for teacher's training and their content include: TPR( Total physical response) This simply means how to use body language to explain a topic or something to kids in details. Content 2: (Flash cards) We were taught on how to use flash cash to play alot of funny and interesting games to kids
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Language ability
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